Our Villa's Supreme Location

Close to our island's most iconic attractions our Villa in Kissamos is situated  close to Nopigeia,
thus providing you with the necessary quiet and precious relaxation moments you need on your
vacation, while simultaneously being close to awarded beaches, vivid city life and top tourist 
destinations. Our villa in Chania welcomes you!


Welcome to Chania, a place full of history, folklore, traditions, and 
incredible beauty! In a corner of this island, we have created the villa Trialonia, one
luxury shelter ideal for your vacation in Crete!
During your vacation in our villa, you will have the opportunity to tour 
our fantastic city. Countless beaches, traditional food, historical monuments,
Gorges ideal for hiking and an old town with centuries of history are ready to
welcome you and introduce you to a mythical place!
Our villa is just 1 hour from the city center and the drive
is easy as it has access by using the highway. Discover the beauties
of our island and the idyllic environment we offer in our villa in
Nopigia. Some of the favorite places of all those who visit Chania are
the municipal market, a romantic walk in the Venetian old port, and a visit to
Egyptian lighthouse of our harbor. We suggest that you get lost in the countless alleys
of our port and taste the flavors, colors, and aromas of another era. Nearby
neighborhoods that will fascinate you are Topanas, Halepa, and Tabakaria.
Take time to walk in areas with magnificent beauty, remarkable taverns,
authentic people and create experiences that you will remember for a long time.
Do not neglect to swim in the clear blue waters of Agia Marina and Agioi
 and enjoy the sunset in one of the many picturesque fish taverns
of Nea Chora.
Take advantage of the proximity of Villa Trialonia and visit the beach
in Elafonisi and Balos.
Chania is waiting to fascinate you! Discover them by staying at Villa


In only half an hour distance away from our villa in Nopigeia you will find the famous beach "Falassarna". Apart from the rich archaeological interest, Falassarna beach will astonish you with its immense size. It has a fine coastline of more than 3 km and 5 different beaches that await you to discover them. The most famous beaches in Falassarna are those of Pachia Ammos & Livadi.
There are many recreational activities at Falassarna beach. Coffee shops, sunbeds, volleyball courts, and small picturesque shops are promising you peaceful and relaxed moments while many interesting sights, such as Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa being in close distance, either by boat or by car.
Trialonia Villa recommends that you get to know the area as it is an environment under Natura 2000 laws, thus the location is ideal for relaxation and admiring the wild beauty of Crete.
As for the accessibility on the beaches in Falassarna, we insist that you choose a car, while sports shoes are considered necessary, as many beaches and shores are rocky.
The beaches usually have strong winds due to their orientation, but their cleanliness, the impeccable sand, their size that makes you feel "alone", as well as one of the most beautiful sunsets in Crete are making Falassarna an experience you must see!


Balos lagoon is just one hour away from Trialonia Villa and is considered one of the most famous beaches on the island. With its excellent sand and shallow waters it is a great attraction for many visitors that visit Chania. Apart from incredible natural beauty, the lagoon of Balos is also of archeological interest, as a Venetian fortress stands prominently on the island of the "tame" Gramvousa.
There are 2 ways to get to Gramvousa and Balos: If you have a rental car, you can drive from our villa to the lagoon of Balos. You can drive to the beach parking lot in Balos, the route, however is on a dirt road and you should be careful, as there is limited space in the parking lot near the beach. You will also have to pay a small fee for the municipality of Kissamos to maintain and protect the beach.
The best way to reach this award-winning beach is by boat from the port of Kissamos. The trip is easy and carefree, and  you will have the opportunity to see the 2 islands (tame - wild Gramvousa) as well as to spend free time in Balos lagoon.
Whatever option you choose, it is certain that Balos will amaze you!


Another enchanting beach awaits you during your stay at Villa Trialonia: The award-winning beach at Elafonissi! Its shallow waters with the characteristic pink sand are an attraction for thousands of tourists that visit Chania.
Just an hour away by car, you can get a chance  for a natural swim in the protected sheltered beach in Elafonissi: With a coastline of 4 km, white and pink sand and turquoise waters it is certain that' ll enchant you.
On the long beach of Elafonissi you can find snack bars, lifeguard, umbrellas and sunbeds, whereas at the same time you can relax in the small but enchanting coves of this special beach. Whatever your taste be, regarding the number of bathers or the preference for privacy, the beach at Elafonissi with its many coves can satisfy even the most demanding.
To every visitor we host in the luxurious villa Trialonia we suggest a visit to the beach in Elafonissi: With romantic landscapes, beaches for all tastes, leisure amenities and a large comfortable car park it is a clever solution for your vacation in Chania.